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This campaign has ended. Thank you for supporting Wilberforce University!

Canvas bags featuring children's artwork by our Martin Luther King Jr. Day Art Contest Winners 2021

“Learning from the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Unity in Diversity”

In honoring the life, contributions and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,

we are equally inspired to become champions of racial justice and equality.

The Black Employees Resource Group at Avery Dennison

held a Children’s Art Competition in 2021 to honor, engage and learn about the legacy

of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., through the eyes of our employee’s children.

The artists wear their winning designs!

Our team reflects on the project

“The Black Employee Resource Group was established to promote Avery Dennison’s value of diversity by driving greater inclusion of self-identified African American/Black employees across the organization.  

We know we can accomplish this by building a strong support network, bridging cultural gaps, and creating allies with all employees.  

This project- in partnership with BERG, Avery Dennison families and the RBIS business- is a perfect example of the impactful network at Avery Dennison.”

-Jennifer Hairston


“What an amazing group of young people. Thank you to all of the young people for sharing their insight and viewpoints on Diversity & Inclusion through art. It is because of these open viewpoints that our country's future will be more equitable and balanced for all. Well done!”

-Miguel Solivan

The history behind the cause

Proceeds from the tote bags are being donated to Wilberforce University, the United States’ oldest private, historically Black university, owned and operated by African Americans. 


Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have an important role in the African American community as schools that first gave Black students the opportunity to obtain higher education when virtually no other colleges would.


Today, HBCUs are still an essential part of the Black higher education experience in the United States as they produce 25 percent of all the African-American graduates with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees.


Although there are 107 HBCUs nationally, many people are only familiar with a few. Wilberforce University is the nation’s oldest private, historically Black university owned and operated by African Americans. Its roots trace back to its founding in 1856, a period when the education of African Americans was not only socially prohibited but was illegal.

Wilberforce University is a short distance from Miamisburg, Ohio and just like Martin Luther King Jr., Wilberforce University was, and is, an agent of change.

An agent of change is someone who sees a problem in their community, large or small, and does something to take action for substantial positive impact.

The men and women who founded Wilberforce University not only exemplified that meaning but they also paved the way for future HBCU’s.

Wilberforce University was named after the great 18th Century abolitionist, William Wilberforce- who said “We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible… so, we will do them anyway.”
Founded by the AME Church, in 1856 the University has always had the vision to overcome injustice, persevere, and prepare African America’s for academic and career success.

If you would like to learn more about Wilberforce University,

please follow this link.


Donate now:

To commemorate this project, a giant patchwork featuring all of the winner’s artwork will be on display in the Avery Dennison Mentor office, Ohio.

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